Connecticut Possession of Alcohol By A Minor Attorney 30-89

Has Your Teenager Been Charged with Possession of Alcohol by a Minor?


Are you Under 21 and Have You Been Charged with Possession of Alcohol by a Minor in Connecticut?

If you got a ticket you will LOSE YOUR DRIVER’S LICENSE
if you pay the fine!

Connecticut law provides that is a Connecticut minor is charged with possession of alcohol in violation of Connecticut General Statutes 30-89 (C.G.S. 30-89) the DMV must suspend the driver’s license upon notice from the court that the fine was paid.

There are multiple legal and factual defense to the charge. While it may seem that the easiest thing to do it to pay the fine, the truth is that such a payment can have serious, long term repercussions.

For example: A 17 year old with an alcohol violation on his driving history can see auto insurance premiums above $8000! We asked Montanaro Insurance in Trumbull CT to price insurance for a 17 year old with a possession of alcohol history and the quote was $8776 with Allstate Insurance. Can you afford to pay this much for auto insurance?

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